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Hi! I'm JC.

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Currently Employed

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

HCL Software Technologies Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City, PH

  • Incrementally added features on an existing web application product based in React.
  • Contributed to Redux re-architecture tasks where React ToolKit (RTK) was implemented resulting in a clean and concise code base.
  • Experienced working with Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) as our development framework and followed its scrum ceremonies religiously.

Full Stack Developer

ISBX Philippines Inc. Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City, PH

  • Developed and maintained web and mobile applications using Angular 6+, React, React Native, NestJS, and PostgreSQL for clients abroad.
  • Worked closely with fellow developers and with the Quality Assurance team to deliver quality features and enhancements with less bugs.
  • Communicated with project managers based in Los Angeles, California during daily scrum meetings to effectively execute tasks on hand and deliver them on time.


FEU Institute of Technology Sampaloc, Manila, PH

  • Developed a web application using VueJS, Laravel, and MySQL for faculty members of FEU Institute of Technology that helps them to create, organize, and collaboratively develop syllabi across multiple FEU campuses.
  • Worked with fellow developers and FEU faculty members to accurately develop features that are necessary for the creation of syllabi.
  • Deployed web application that is production-ready to a dedicated web server.

Tools & Technologies

React MUI
React Native
Redux Toolkit
VSCode Extension


Enterprise-grade Digital Tooling for Creating Powerful Websites
Work Project ReactRedux ToolkitMaterial UI

Maintained a digital tooling web app for enterprises that wants to create websites with dynamic contents.

E-Commerce Website for Dental Clinic in Texas, USA.
Work Project NestJSPostgreSQLShopify

Created dynamic quiz maker for surveying customer's dental health, and scheduling user's appointment for a Dental Clinic in Texas, USA.

Medical E-Commerce website in Puerto Rico
Work Project AngularNestJSPostgreSQL

Maintained an E-Commerce website for medical related items in Puerto Rico.

FEU Curriculum Mapping
Work Project VueJSVuetifyLaravelMySQL

A Web Based Syllabus Generator for FEU Faculty members.

School Project React NativeFirebase

A Mobile Based App for allowing users to record and send crimes caught on act to baranggay official/s.

PetEx: Web Based Pet Adoption System
School Project BootstrapCodeIgniterMySQL

Web Based Pet Adoption System Thesis Capstone Project for Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

Pet Manager App
School Project Android (Java)

Mobile Based Pet Locating app, in partial fulfillment of our Capstone Project, that uses NFC scanning to the pet's NFC tag on their collars.

Binary Game
School Project Construct2

A simple Binary Game. Built using Construct 2.

About Me

Personal Information
Full Name
Juan Carlo De Regla Valencia
Valenzuela City, Philippines
Email Address
Work Options
Willing to work Remotely?
Yes, most definitely. Saves time and resources for everyone.
Preferred Shift?
Day Shift.
Willing to work Overseas?
As long as it is remote, yes.
Sto. Rosario Montessori School
Primary Education (2004 - 2011)
Batch 2010-2011. Graduated as 4th honorable mention.
Sto. Rosario Montessori School
Secondary Education (2011 - 2015)
Batch 2014-2015. Graduated as Valedictorian.
FEU Institute of Technology
Tertiary Education (2015 - 2019)
BS Information Technology with specialization in Web and Mobile Application
Batch 2018-2019. Graduated as Cum Laude.

Achievements & Career

Senior Software Engineer @ HCL Software Technologies
October 2021 - Present Work Experience

Maintained an existing web application product based on React.

Full Stack Developer @ ISBX Phils. Inc.
September 2019 - October 2021 Work Experience

Developed Apps using Angular, NestJS, Jest, React Native, and PostgreSQL.

Cum Laude of Batch 2018-2019
August 2019 Award

Graduated with 3.48 CGPA with the course of BS Information Technolology with Specialization in Web and Mobile Application.

Technofest Web Design Competition Champions
March 2017 Award

Created a site for TechnoWeb Event using plain HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Won 2nd place on Web Design - Nationals
January 2015 Award

Won 2nd Place on Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver at CAL Battle of the ICT Wizards - Nationals.

Hobbies / Recreational Activities

🐲 Table-Top RPG
Dungeons & Dragons

I just discovered this lately and I loved it! It's a board game where you can weave your own story with your friends, along with the Dungeon Master who narrates and weaves the story. If you watched Stranger Things, chances are you heard about this game.

You can be a Warrior who lusts battle and blood. You can be a Bard that uses music to defeat its foes. Or a Rogue that can stealthily assassinate some villain.

I am currently playing my character as an old Human Cleric 🧙‍♂️ whose healing powers came from the Goddess of Healing, Aesif.

🎲 Board Games
Board Games

A newly found hobby of mine is Board Games. I usually play it with my girlfriend and cousins and siblings during the weekends. It's definitely a fun activity, and I recommend to play while drunk.

We play a lot of Board Games. Like a lot. Like, we're kind of addicted to it but we won't admit it. King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Secret Hitler, Codenames, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Terraforming Mars, are just some of the games that we usually play.

🎮 Gaming
Video Games

Gaming is where I spend my time the most. I usually play on PC, but I also game on Nintendo Switch from time to time. Each game has its own thing and you can always learn from them.

For me, I like Single Role-Playing Games such as Witcher 3, Skyrim, Bioshock, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and other similar games. I also became easily addicted to tycoon games such as Civilization VI, Cities: Skylines, Parkitect, and the likes.

🍿 Films
Movies & TV Series

I always loved Marvel movies and TV Series. As far as I know, I watched each one of them (and I intend to watch future films until it's over!). Everything about MCU is amazing and each film builds up storylines to future films. It's the most ambitious franchise I've ever seen, and I'm not complaining about it.

Besides superhero films, I also enjoy a variety of genre. I personally loved watching The Office, Game of Thrones, La La Land, Memento, Predestination, The Amazing World of Gumball, and a lot of films that I just forgot to put on this list.

🏀 Sports

I loved Basketball for as long as I can remember. I think I'm already shooting hoops since I was 8 years old. Fun fact: I actually became a varsity player during elementary and highschool. I was a benchwarmer though and never really did well.

Today, a sparingly play hoops because it's really tiring. Maybe I'm getting old? Or maybe I really need to exercise frequently? I honestly don't know. If I can play hoops while sitting, that would be a delight.

🥖 Learning
Learning French

I recently tried learning French during the pandemic using the Duolingo App because... uhmmm... I don't really know. Maybe my curiousity has been piqued by this language for some reason.

I'm only a beginner so I only know some words and phrases like: "Bonjour!", "Je prend mon cafè", and "Je mange des enfants pour les petit déjeuners". The last one is a joke, please don't Google Translate it.

Let's have a chat
Feel free to connect with me and let's have a chat.
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